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2021 Indoor Q&A 


How is indoor different to field hockey?

Indoor is played during the field hockey off-season. It’s fast, fun, and exciting to watch. For most players it is as much a social activity as a competition. 

The game is:

·       Played on a court (same size as a basketball court)

·       six per side on the field at one time (including the goalkeeper)

·       each half is 20 minutes

·       The ball must be pushed not hit, and must be kept on the ground (unless goal shooting)

·       There are side boards that cause a ball to rebound back into play (much like squash)

For younger players, a half court is used with the same number of players.


My child has just started playing field hockey, or is looking at playing field hockey next year, can they play indoor?

Certainly can! Indoor hockey is great for children just starting off in hockey as they learn the basic skills of pushing the ball and trapping and positioning on the field. They also get to meet new friends who are also just starting to play.


Will Bulimba enter indoor teams?

Yes and No

Bulimba Bulls Hockey Club does not formally compete in an indoor competition.  However, the Club recognises the skill and fitness benefits of playing indoor hockey.  Players are encouraged and supported to play indoor during the off season.  The Club also recognises indoor hockey as an excellent avenue for the recruit new field hockey players.

Bulimba has a relationship with the South Brisbane Indoor Hockey League (the “Vipers”) who are the association for the Southside for indoor hockey.

Bulimba will support our players with information and coordination of team registration.  The club also allows its uniforms to be worn at indoor games.


What times are the indoor games?

The Vipers season will extend throughout the school’s fourth term.  Junior games are expected to be on the weekend.  The Vipers have not released a draft draw – so game times are not known yet.  

There will be divisions for different ages and for either mixed or female only.  Each division will be consistently scheduled for the same 2 -3 hour slot each weekend.  Generally, the younger age draws are scheduled earlier in the weekend with the older age groups following.  

To some extent the draw will depend upon demand, hence Bulimba is keen for people to register so we can advise the Vipers of the level of interest.

There is also a northside indoor completion.  So if the Southside draw does not suit your child’s personal circumstances, there may be opportunities to play in the Northside (BHA) competition.

If your unsure if you child can attend, please register and we will attempt to manage the constraints once the draws are released.


What if my child can’t play every weekend?

Just like field hockey, indoor teams need players to be reliably available.  However, there will always be instances when players are unavailable.  We therefore endeavour to have teams of 8 to 9 players.  There will also be opportunity for players to “sub” in other divisions.

If your child will be away for set periods of the season, please register and if possible, we will explore if there are opportunities for your child to play once the draws are released.


Is there Training?

Most teams will not have separate training – just turn up to the games and have fun.

However, depending upon demand, Bulimba may introduce an introductory session for children new to indoor.

Also in previous years, the Vipers have offered skills training for young children on a Saturday afternoon, gradually moving into game play.  Maybe the Vipers will offer something similar this year.


Representative Hockey

Indoor hockey has similar representative pathways to field hockey. Opportunities exist from the under 13 age group up to represent the Vipers at State Indoor Championships, and Queensland at the National Titles. Trials for positions in rep teams will be advertised by the Vipers during the season.


What are the costs?

Bulimba does not charge, however there are Viper Association and HA/HQ costs (including insurance). 

The Vipers Association costs have not been released for the 2021 Season.  These will vary by age group and the division.  For players who have played field hockey in 2021, their HA/HQ component will be minimal.

Generally, the combined season costs is a little less than $100.00.


Where do they play?

The season’s games are always held at: Eagles Sport Complex, 3 Weedon Street West, Mansfield.

This is an ideal location, as its proximity next to a Gateway Motorway exit to Mt Gravatt Capalaba Road makes it easy to find.


What Equipment is Required?

Mouth guard and shin pads are essential and are compulsory.

An indoor stick is lighter and more flexible than an outdoor stick (though for first game the outdoor stick is fine).  Indoor sticks are generally less expensive than outdoor sticks too ($50 - $150).

While not mandatory, a protective glove ($20 - $60) is highly recommended, particularly for the older children.  This is because the game is played very low to the ground and there is a risk that player’s may be hit on the hand by balls and sticks.

For older juniors, face masks are recommended for corners.


Is indoor Hockey Dangerous?

All sport has a risk of injury.  Indoor hockey is not particularly dangerous, with risks comparable to field hockey.  The protective equipment (mouth guard and armoured glove) reduces risk significantly.


Can My Child Play with their Friends?

Absolutely.  Bulimba will endeavour to place friends together. 

Anybody can register to play in a Bulimba team, regardless of their hockey experience.  Indoor is a great way to learn and extend hockey skills.


Where can I find more information?


End of Season - Junior Break Up

Save the  Date JNR presentation 2021 V. 3
Bulimba come and try  Info  Sheet FINAL

Come and Try Friday Nights

Please distribute to your neighbours and friends ...

Junior  Hockey  Flyer
Mouthgards 4

The Junior Committee Consist of:

  • Vice President - a member of the Executive Committee as well as running the Juniors
  • Junior Co-ordinator - co-ordinate the team managers. oversee registrations for the Club and Sporting Pulse.
  • Junior Webmaster - provides information to be updated on the website.  Could be photos or just information.

As well as the Committee, there are many more club roles, many of which would benefit from extra support, or need a dedicated person to help.

Team Roles:

  • Coach - attends training and games, can be a Senior Player, an experienced parent, or an experienced and more mature junior player.
  • Team Manager - organisers the players so that match days run without a hitch.  It's a job that can be shared between two people.  Main responsibilities:
  1. Support the coach for a well organised unit.
  2. Maintain the scorebook (with both umpire signatures and correct score.
  3. Communicate with parents about matches and training through the Bulimba Bulls website.
  4. Organise Umpires if necessary.
  5. Ensure players wear the necessary protective gear.
  6. Collate voting slips for best and fairest award and enter on the club websites team page.
  7. Oversea conduct of players and parents and remind them of the Code of Cunduct if needed.
  • Parent Liaison - supports the team manager and rallies parents to support social and fundraising events.

Some ways juniors can become more involved in the Club

  • Juniors are encouraged to assist with running sessions for the Minkeys u7/u9.  This is a great way for our developing players to experience a leadership role and learn how to coach.
  • Umpiring - put their name forward to the executive if they are interested in learning to umpire.
  • Coaching and u7/9's team as an assistant coach.

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