2021 Committee

Glen Gannonglengannon@yahoo.com.au
0404 023 474
Vice President
Kim Sheathersheather6121@gmail.com
0410 520 161
Linda Francissecretary@bulimbabulls.com.au
0402 560 374
April Parmenteraccounts@bulimbabulls.com.au
0420 328 242
Senior Men Co-ordinator
James Polajames.pola@gmail.com
0420 371 885
Senior Men Co-ordinator
Garry Roylemacgarry@mac.com
0418 534 401
Senior Women Co-ordinator
Gaye Swaffieldgayeswaffield@hotmail.com
0408 339 891
Junior Boys Co-ordinator
Tim Armstrongtimarmstrong@optusnet.com.au
0434 142 101
Junior Girls Co-ordinator
Julie McGrathjulesmc77@hotmail.com
0433 373 053
General Member
Nicoli Hawgoodnichawgood@optusnet.com.au
0412 306 184
General Member
Gaye Swaffieldgayeswaffield@hotmail.com
0408 339 891
General Member
Todd Zuideveldtodd.zuideveld@urbex.com.au
0417 107 650
Gold Sponsor
Atlas Hockey
Bronze Sponsors
Telair Pty LtdTelair Pty Ltd

Telair was established by the founder and current Managing Director, Edward Wenman, in 2006. Edward saw opportunities emerging for businesses due to a fast evolving communications industry and the company has grown to be a key provider of communications products nationally.

Telair delivers services across the Cloud spectrum, providing cost effective solutions and high speed responses to customer requirements and their emerging needs as the businesses grow.

Telair IT Services offers a range of on and off site IT Services, complementing the core business. Including;

    Desktop & Server Management
    Network Management
    Implementation Services
    Installation, Configuration & Training
    Hardware Supply & Distribution

The Telair team works hard to have a thorough understanding of clients' businesses, and takes pride in the superior level of support we provide.

Phone 1800 835 247